May 15

Via the AJET website: On May 7th, we held our fourth AJET Professional Development Conference Call. Our guest speaker was former JET, Mr. Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, Kiyosu City, 1989-91) who now serves as a city council council member in Inuyama City, Aichi prefecture. Mr. Bianchi is often highlighted in the Japanese media and is well-known for […]

Nov 25

Each month, current and former JET participants are featured in the “JET Plaza” section of the CLAIR Forum magazine. The November 2013 edition includes an article by JET alumn Anthony Bianchi. Posted by Celine Castex (Chiba-ken, 2006-11), currently programme coordinator at CLAIR Tokyo. ******** A native of Brooklyn, New York, Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, Kiyosu City, […]

Aug 24

************ Here’s the newest newsletter from JET alum and Inuyama City Council Member Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, Inuyama-shi, 1988-89): ***Page 1*** ***Page 2*** CLICK HERE for more JETwit posts about Anthony Bianchi. Show off your translating skills! An English translation or summary of some or all of the above would be great if any readers are up for […]

Jul 28

Video: Panel discussion with JET alums Anthony Bianchi, Laurel Lukaszewski and Jim Gannon

Thanks to JET alum and Inuyama City Council Member Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, Inuyama-shi, 1988-89) for sharing the video below (in four parts) taken by his son Matthew of a panel discussion from the JETAA USA National Conference held in Washington, D.C. July 14-17. The panel featured Bianchi along with fellow JET alums Laurel Lukaszewski (Kagoshima-ken, […]

May 23

Justin’s Japan: Interview with Inuyama City Councilman/JET Alum Anthony Bianchi

“The JET Program has great benefits for the country. One of the greatest, but overlooked is the former participants themselves. They all have a great knowledge, understanding and affection for Japan. All have gone on to various careers and are a great but underutilized network.” By JQ magazine editor Justin Tedaldi (CIR Kobe-shi, 2001-02) for Visit […]

Mar 31

Anthony Bianchi back in Brooklyn for “Xaverian High School Japan Benefit Concert” tonight

Just heard from JET alum, Brooklyn native and current Inuyama City Councilman Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, Inuyama-shi) that he’s back in New York for a very short stay in order to attend his alma mater Xaverian High School‘s “Japan Benefit Concert” tonight (Thursday, March 31). Anthony notes that any JET alums around are welcome to come.  […]

Jan 12

JET Alum Anthony Bianchi to run for Lower House seat in upcoming Japan elections

Here’s the link to the article (which is in Japanese): Below is text from the article: 衆院愛知6区補選 民主、犬山市議のアンソニー氏擁立へ 民主党の石田芳弘衆院議員(65)の名古屋市長選立候補に伴い、4月に予定される衆院愛知6区補選に、同党が愛知県犬山市議のビアンキ・アンソニー 氏(52)を擁立する方向となった。同党愛知6区総支部が11日午前に開いた選挙対策会議で、候補として県連に提案することを決めた。 ビアンキ氏は米国ニューヨーク市出身。1989年に愛知県教育委員会の英語指導助手として来日。2002年に日本国籍を取得して03年に犬山市議選に立候補、最多得票で初当選した。06年には同市長選に立候補したが、8候補中3位で落選。07年に市議に再選された。 総支部の意向を踏まえ、県連が最終調整を進める。衆院補選への立候補について、ビアンキ氏は朝日新聞の取材に「名誉なこと。まだいろいろなステップがあるが、頑張っていきたい」と述べた。 6区補選では、09年衆院選で落選した自民党元職の丹羽秀樹氏(38)が立候補を準備。みんなの党も独自候補を擁立する方針だ。

Jul 11

By Michael Glazer (Chiba-ken, 1995-97) for the JETAANY Newsletter  Bensonhurst, Brooklyn native Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, 1987-91), the first-ever North American to hold an elected position in Japan, is still going strong in his role as a city councilman in Inuyama-shi, Aichi-ken. Michael Glazer (Chiba-ken, 1995-97) recently did a recorded interview with Anthony to discuss the […]

Nov 18

JETAA NY Newsletter: ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL – A discussion with Inuyama City Councilman Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, 1987-91)

Interview by Michael Glazer (Chiba-ken, 1995-97) Want to hear the full interview?  Click here to get the podcast. Bensonhurst, Brooklyn native Anthony Bianchi (Aichi-ken, 1987-91), the first-ever North American to hold an elected position in Japan, is still going strong in his role as a city councilman in Inuyama-shi, Aichi-ken. Michael Glazer (Chiba-ken, 1995-97) recently […]

Sep 25

A Councilman Grows in Inuyama An Update from Brooklyn’s Own Anthony Bianchi (From the Spring 2004 “Politics” Issue of the JETAA NY Newsletter) In the Summer 2003 Issue, the Newsletter interviewed JET Alum and Brooklyn native Anthony Bianchi who had just been elected as a city council member in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, making him […]

Jul 11

USJBF selects JET alum Laurel Lukaszewski for new “Strengthening the JETAA USA Network” initiative

Remember the job listing for  the Part-time Project Director with the US-Japan Bridging Foundation (USJBF) to support JETAA USA growth?  The USJBF has announced that it has selected Laurel Lukaszewski (ALT Kagoshima-ken, 1990-92) for the position for its new initiative “Strengthening the JETAA Network and Connecting Next Generation Leaders.” Shojiki ni itte, it’s hard to imagine anyone better […]

May 10

JQ Magazine: JETAA New York Greets Distinguished Guests

By Ann Chow (Hyogo-ken, 2007-09) for JQ magazine. Ann is a native New Yorker and serves as the Membership Development Chair for the JET Alumni Association of New York. On April 17, members of the JET Alumni Association of New York (JETAANY) were invited to attend a reception at the Nippon Club for the Governor […]

Jan 31

JET alum anti-robocall activist calls out Newt in Florida

JET alum Shaun Dakin (Shimane-ken, 1989-91), founder of which seeks to stop the use of robocalls in political campaigns, was quoted recently in several articles about the Republican primary battle, including one today on Huffington Post (“Newt Gingrich Robocall: Mitt Romney Forced Holocaust Survivors To Eat Non-Kosher Food“). The Republican primary and upcoming national […]

Nov 13

*********** JETAANY held its annual Career Forum/Welcome Back Reception on Saturday at the Nippon Club in NYC.  And in addition to the usual combination of useful advice, networking, natsukashii talk and reconnecting in general, this year’s Welcome Back Reception was notable for one other reason:  It was attended by approximately 25 participants in Japan’s new […]

Aug 20

Follow-up: JETAA USA National Conference info and docs

Via Jessyca Wilcox, one of JETAA USA’s three Country Representatives, sent to JETAA USA chapter delegates: Hello Everyone! I wanted to let you all know that between JETAA DC President Maurice “Mac” Maloney (mostly Mac!) and myself, we’ve managed to collect and post all the presentations and handouts that are available from the conference on […]

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