Nov 7

Regge Life documentary about Taylor Anderson and Monty Dickson to premiere 11/9 in DC area

Via JETAA DC President Leigh Ann Mastrini (Hyogo-ken, 2006-08): On November 9th will be the premiere of Regge Life’s documentary film about March 11, Taylor Anderson, and Monty Dickson.  Click the link below for more information: The film is open to the community, with a suggested donation of $20 when you register. A small group […]

Apr 25

Documentary maker Regge Life seeks to speak with JETs and others who knew Monty Dickson in Japan

A request from documentary maker Regge Life: “Filmmaker Regge Life is seeking anyone who can speak personally and sincerely about Monty Dickson’s activities and interactions with the people of Rikuzentakata.  Ideally, teachers, neighbors, or friends who lived or worked in the city with him. He will include Monty in the film “Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story” […]

Dec 19

Here are links to two videos on YouTube that Monty Dickson’s sister Shelley let us know about.  The first video shows Monty briefly walking in front of the Rikuzentakata City Hall building shortly before the tsunami struck (1:15-1:32).  The second video was taken two days after Shelley left Japan (which she visited after the tsunami) […]

Nov 23

Japan Foundation new project to promote exchanges with alma maters of Taylor Anderson and Monty Dickson

Here’s an article from about a new Japan Foundation project to promote exchanges and closer ties between Japan and the alma matters of Taylor Anderson (Randolph Macon College) and Monty Dickson (University of Alaska at Anchorage), including student and teacher exchange programs with Japan and providing Japan-related books and materials for the schools. 震災で犠牲のアンダーソンさんらを記念 日米で交流事業  国際交流基金は、東日本大震災で犠牲になった米国人の英語指導助手、テイラー・アンダーソンさん(当時24歳)とモンゴメリー・ディクソンさん(同26歳)を記念し、両氏の出身校と同基金が中心になって日米理解の促進に関する事業を行う、と発表した。 アンダーソンさんはランドルフ・メーコン・カレッジ(米バージニア州)、ディクソンさんはアラスカ大学アンカレジ校(米アラスカ州)の出身。日米の学生・教員の交流、出身校への日本関連の図書寄贈や講座の充実、日本文化に関する講演会の開催などが計画されている。(ワシントン=伊藤宏)

Oct 8

***************** In a speech on October 7 at the U.S.-Japan Council Annual Conference, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lauded the JET Programme for its vital grassroots relationship building, cited the JET alumni community’s role in raising money for earthquake/tsunami relief and cited Monty Dickson and Taylor Anderson as models of the kind of cross-cultural […]

Aug 7

Japanese students from Taylor Anderson and Monty Dickson’s towns in to visit U.S. as “envoys”

Thanks to Andy Anderson, father of Taylor Anderson, for forwarding this article from The Mainichi Daily News: 16 students from quake-hit prefectures to visit U.S. as ‘envoys’ FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Kyodo) — A total of 16 junior and senior high school students from the three prefectures severely affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami […]

Jun 29

Ambassador Roos visits Monty Dickson’s school in Rikuzentakata, Iwate

From this morning’s Frontline Daily newsfeed: Loose translation: U.S. Ambassador to Japan Roos visited southern Iwate and Rikuzentakata on June 28 and dropped by Monty Dickson’s school, Yonezaki Elementary, to talk to the fifth grade class and the principal there.  He was much beloved by everyone and loved the community much in return.  Roos told […]

Apr 6

The Anchorage Daily News has an article reporting that the body of Rikuzentakata JET Montgomery “Monty” Dickson has been found.  This is very sad news but also not unexpected at this point.  From the article, it sounds like Monty’s family is relieved to finally know. Thoughts and prayers and lots of warmth to Monty’s family […]

Mar 23

Just FYI, I got confirmation today that Montgomery “Monty” Dickson (Iwate-ken, Rikuzentakata-shi) (originally from Alaska) is in fact the only remaining missing JET.  All other JETs have been accounted for. Search efforts continue, and the JET and JET alumni communities continue to hope and pray. Ganbatte kudasai, Monty, wherever you are.

Mar 22

The New York Times has an article today about Rikuzentakata titled Japanese Town Holds on to Hope.” The article explains that JET Montgomery “Monty” Dickson as well as the Takata High School swim coach, Motoko Mori, and 29 of the high school’s 540 students are also still missing.

Mar 16

International Educator magazine article remembers Monty and Taylor

Thanks to JETAA Music City’s Terry Vo (Kumamoto-ken, 2007-09) and JETAA Northern California’s Peter Weber (Saitama-ken, 2004-07) (both of whom work as JET Coordinators at their local Consulates) for sharing this excellent International Educator magazine article (“Overcoming Chaos“)about the various ways the Tohoku disaster affected a variety of international education programs, including the JET Program.  The writer does a […]

Jan 20

Article: Students in Rikuzentakata Take the Eiken in Memory of Monty

This is a summary of an article originally appearing in the Kahoku Shimpo (Tohoku News) on January 19, 2012. Students in Rikuzentakata Take the Eiken in Memory of Monty Roughly 80% of all middle school students, about 500 altogether, in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, will take the English Language Proficiency Exam (Eiken), in part […]

Nov 6

******************* Update 11/07/11:  The Ministry of Education has apparently been impressed enough by Youth Empowerment for Iwate to send a team to observe them.  And fyi, the group now has a website as well: ******************* There’s a nice Daily Yomiuri article (“Study halls opened in honor of ‘Monty-sensei‘”) on Monty Dickson and the contribution JETAA USA will be making to […]

Mar 24

MSNBC: Family holds out hope for missing American teacher “Monty-san”

The latest coverage of still unaccounted for Rikuzentakata-shi, Iwate-ken JET Montgomery “Monty” Dickson. MSNBC:  Family holds out hope for missing American teacher “Monty-san” By Miranda Leitsinger, Senior Writer and Editor, “Almost everyone in the town of Rikuzentakata on Japan’s northeast coast knew teacher Montgomery Dickson, or “Monty-san,” as the locals call him. But the […]

Feb 20

The JETAA-sphere Podcast: Ep 7 – Monica Yuki, Jessyca Livingston & James Gannon discuss the JETAA USA Board of Advisors and 3.11

****************** From JETwit Media, it’s the 6th episode of the JETAA-sphere Podcast! Three members of the JETAA USA Board of Advisors—Monica Yuki (Saitama-ken, 2002-04), Jessyca Livingston, formerly Wilcox (Hokkaido, 2003-06) and James Gannon (Ehime-ken, 1992-94) join Steven Horowitz(Aichi-ken, 1992-94) and special co-host Matt Gillamof CLAIR NY (aka the Japan Local Government Center) to talk about the JETAA USA Board of Advisors–what it is, who’s on it, and how the tragedy of […]

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