Dec 14

JQ Magazine: JQ&A with James Rogers on Smart Smart Language Apps

By Rashaad Jorden (Yamagata-ken, 2008-10) for JQ magazine. A former head of the JETAA Philadelphia Sub-Chapter, Rashaad is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University with a master’s degree in responsible tourism management. For more on his life abroad and enthusiasm for taiko drumming, visit his blog at For many of us, our time teaching Japanese people the […]

Jul 28

Japan Times: Osaka bets big on TOEFL to boost English levels

**************************** Interesting article about the Osaka Prefecture Board of Education’s English education initiative and further discussion of the “Super English Teachers” (SETs).  Former AJET Chair Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12) is not quoted but is very involved in the initiative.  Matt is also the founder of the Kansai JET Alumni group.  Osaka bets big on TOEFL to boost English levels […]

Aug 19

UPDATE: JETAA NY Career Panel: The State of ESL and Language Education in Japan and the US

****************** Update #1:  We’re pleased to announce the addition to the panel of Matthew Cook (Osaka-fu, 2007-12), former AJET Chair and now advisor to the Osaka Board of Education’s Native English Teacher (NET) Program. Update #2:  We are planning on webcasting the event through my YouTube channel (  Go to that link at 6:30 pm […]

Jun 27

Justin’s Japan: Interview with “Tokyo Vice” Author Jake Adelstein on Yakuza Films, Umbrellas

  By JQ magazine editor Justin Tedaldi (CIR Kobe-shi, 2001-02) for Visit his page here for related stories. Examiner’s note: The following interview was conducted at New York’s Japan Society on March 10, 2011, hours before the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami would ravage eastern Japan. I was there to chat with guest lecturer Jake Adelstein, whose twelve-year […]

Sep 21

*Newest Additions to the JetWit Blog Roll* Chow, Janice – Momoko Mashups Iwasaki, Marcia (Osaka-fu, 2001-06) – Based in Toronto, Ontario, Marcia does children’s book illustrations and graphic design.  Read her blog here: Mel – (Aomori, 2008~) – Mel’s Adventures in Japan Rogers, Steve – Northern Tohoku Exposure Sakamoto, Sean – (Gifu-ken, 2008~) – […]

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