Jan 9

A New Year’s Resolution for Law Students: Organize.


Matt Leichter (matt [dot] leichter [at] gmail [dot] com) (Saitama-ken 2003-05) is a renegade attorney who plays by his own rules.  He operates a think tank of one, The Law School Tuition Bubble, where he archives, chronicles, and analyzes the rising cost and declining value of legal education in the United States.  He also maintains the “Bankruptcy Legal Topics,” and, “Bankruptcy Billables,” sections for Steven Horowitz’s Bankruptcy Bill.  For further reading regarding JETs and the law, he recommends JETs with J.D.s.

If you don’t know already, the New York Times ran a seven-page article in its business section detailing the crisis America’s legal education system faces.  It even generously linked to The Law School Tuition Bubble.  Yay!  The whole article is worth the read, but towards the end it erred:

Today, American law schools are like factories that no force has the power to slow down — not even the timeless dictates of supply and demand.

There is one force that can stop these factories: law students.  Find out why I think they should organize.

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