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nicolelogoMany JETs and JET alumni find themselves at a crossroads regarding their careers and career options.  Nicole D. Mignone (Akita-ken, 1991-1993), a certified life coach, will be periodically posting articles for the benefit of the JET Community. You can read more of her life-related articles at her blog thealchemyofbalance.blogspot.com.  She also offers individual life and business coaching. For more information, email Nicole at drmuse@jetwit.com.

Dear Dr. Muse:

I feel so stuck and frustrated in my current job, but I can’t quit and don’t know what else I want to do. What if I feel the same in my next job and I will never be happy? –N.H., Long Island, NY

Dear N.H.:

This common issue resonates with many people who hire a life coach. Over the next few columns, I will break down some of the layers of this question and give you some tools to determine what changes you can make to feel less “stuck” in your life.

Step One: Gathering Information.

In any construction project you first have a plan, and it should be no different when it comes to building a life you want, including the profession you want. So, to begin, you need to assess your starting point and the resources at hand. Often a feeling of dissatisfaction at work is actually a distraction from dissatisfaction in other areas of life, so it is important to evaluate your life as a whole. Moreover, before you embark on a journey that involves change, implement measures to ensure your health and wellbeing remain balanced.

For this first week, take some time to assess where you are right now. First, obtain a blank notebook or journal to record your thoughts, ideas, and progress. On that first page, write your full name and then write out your commitment to make any changes necessary to create the life you want. Now, agree to have fun with the exercises and start with the Rating System.

The Rating System

First, rate each of the following, as it pertains to your life at this moment, on a scale of zero [absolutely stinks] to ten [could not get any better]:

  1. fitness/health
  2. money
  3. career
  4. friends/family
  5. fun/recreation
  6. personal growth/spiritual development
  7. physical environment/home
  8. romance/significant other

Next, on the other sheets of paper, put each label from above at the top of a page. Take time to look at each section and write a description of what a perfect ten would look like. Describe your perfect TEN in an uninhibited, entitled, and passionate way. In other words, you may not write what you think you can have, you must write what you really WANT.

Stay tuned for the next Dr. Muse post where I’ll expand on this exercise.

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  • Kelly Said on January 31st, 2010 at 1:22 pm:

    This is a fantastic and much-needed series. Steven, Nicole THANK YOU! I’m already looking forward to the next post and exercise.

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