Jul 7

JET ROI: Englipedia and Why Japan Should Care by Kirsten Phillips

********** JET Return on Investment (ROI) is a new category on JetWit intended to highlight the various economic, diplomatic and other benefits to Japan resulting from its investment in the JET Program.  Why is this important right now?  Because the JET Program and JET Alumni Association may be cut by the Japanese government, as explained in […]

Apr 8

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) Japan is known to the world at large for its countless and enduring cultural contributions from the over-appreciated 茶の湯 to the oft overlooked (but sorely missed) heated toilet seat. However, there is one thing I’d like to scrawl into every guide book; one nuance of Japan that I’d like forever […]

Feb 23

Kirsten Phillips: Demolition Obaasan Can I Be Your Man

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) This rant is in reaction to yet another Gaijin in a Strangeland vehicle starring Brittany Murphy. Ramen Girl. The mythicization of Japanese culture or should I say, Tokyo. “Put tears in the broth.” Augh! I suppose there is some part of us that wants it to be true. After all, […]

Dec 14

JET Alum Kirsten Phillips in Japan Arts Matsuri, Dec 23 at the Knitting Factory (NYC)

Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2007-08) is part of a yosa-koi dance group that is taking part in another Japan Arts Matsuri (JAM) function on December 23rd at the Knitting Factory. The last one they did in Greenpoint, Brooklyn was very well received and a huge success.  In Kirsten’s own words: “JAM brings Japanese dancers, musicians, martial artists, comedians from […]

Nov 22

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2007-08) (from the Fall 2008 JETAA NY Quarterly Newsletter) I had frequented many an urban Japanese supermarket in my college days, but a megastore like Mitsuwa always meant something special. Mostly because it required bus fare, a map, and a ranger with a sword to reach the distant shores of Edgewater, […]

Jul 9

Kirsten’s World: Glitter on the Mattress

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) who is currently a teacher in the NYC Teaching Fellows Program. If you see a faded sign by the side of the road… My kid bro’s Japanese friend was surprised at his knowledge of love hotels as he had never been to Japan before. But love hotels are one of […]

Nov 1

Kirsten’s World: Azquita Pa’l Cafe

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) who is currently a teacher in the NYC Teaching Fellows Program. I have an ESL kid! WHEEE! I am way too happy about that! I became fast friends with the ESL teacher at my school, Amercy. And she is. I love her first name. It’s eloquent! Once upon a time […]

Jul 11

Kirsten’s World: Sista rode the 越後交通

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) Echigo Koutsuu spoiled the ever-living fuck out of me. If I was ever for any reason required to place myself in Tokyo, I had four options: 1) The Shinkansen. Though I will forever be devoted to the miracle and blessing of the bullet train, one way on that horse cost […]

May 28

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) Don’t be such an Aso. I should really fucking stop reading the articles on Japan Today. Simply because the comments crack me up. A majority of them are incredibly hateful, but the vapid self-righteous immaturity just makes me lose my shit. So Aso, with superhuman speed, rescinded his statement about […]

May 26

Kirsten’s World: 柏崎:A Culinary Tribute

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) As I have mentioned before, I am not well traveled in Japan. Hence, I have very little basis for comparison as far as varieties go. Whether or not a specific food was particular to my region or even just my town remains a mystery to me. A prime example of […]

May 12

Kirsten’s World: Oh, I’m a Joyous Glad T.V.

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) I would pay a ton of money to be a Japanese-comprehending fly on the wall of a Glico marketing conference. Summer approaches and Japan requires a new gum. Eureka! I’ve got it! Monkey gum! No one’s gonna buy monkey gum, idiot. I tell you some folk can’t resist the idea […]

May 8

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) Loving Japanese music from afar is hard. If it sucks this bad in the red, white, and blue I can only imagine what my poor J-music loving kindred in Yugoslavia must be enduring. Living in Japan was my oyster! For years I had to pay massive amounts every time Shiina […]

May 7

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) When you’re a Jet, You’re the top cat in town, You’re the gold medal kid With the heavyweight crown! When you’re a Jet, You’re the swingin’est thing: Little boy, you’re a man; Little man, you’re a king! -Stephen Sondheim Hmmmmmmm…. The issue of employment prospects on my return to the […]

May 5

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) Every Situation is Different. That is the last time I’m gonna quote that fucking phrase. It holds, it certainly does, because despite any nation’s best attempts at uniformity in any manner of regulation, formality or creed, humans are made of wet clay and can be very unpredictable/slimy. Myth#1: An ALT […]

Apr 9

Kirsten’s World: The 2007 Niigata Earthquake

By Kirsten Phillips (Niigata-ken, 2005-08) Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered… A newly arrived ingénue sits on the 2nd floor of a local coffee dive in her adopted 田舎 dwelling. Birds are chirping. Squid is drying. All seems right with the universe. Without warning, the earth trembles. Delicately ejecting the coffee just inhaled a mere […]

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