Sep 15

JQ Magazine: Inside the JETAA New York Book Club

By Greg Anderson, (Fukuoka-ken, 1990-92) for JQ magazine. Greg is part of the fourth class of the JET Program, which began in 1987. He is currently employed as an auditor with the U.S. Treasury Department and is a new member of the JETAA New York Book Club. Gone are the amazing, fascinating, fast-paced days of life in Japan filled with […]

Dec 14

JETAA NY Book Club Update

JETAA NY Book Club co-reviver Michael Glazer writes: JETAA NY successfully kicked off its New York book club last Wednesday night, Dec. 10. The group discussed Murakami Ryu’s Akutagawa Prize-winning novel Almost Transparent Blue. Murakami’s provocative novel fueled an energetic, funny, sometimes tense and stimulating exchange of ideas while we snacked on pizza and drank […]

Dec 9

JETAA Book Clubs – 3’s a magic number

After some initial research, I’ve so far found three JETAA book clubs out there: JETAA NY – just being revied by Michael Glazer and Jessica Langbein after a hiatus of a few years.  Having its first gathering this Wednesday evening (still time to rsvp!) JETAA Northern California – same story, but with Melissa Chan playing […]

Nov 7

JETAA NY Book Club Reborn!

Note:  While the JETAA NY Book Club is aimed at NYers, non-NYers are encouraged to read and get in touch as well, as there’s potential for virtual participation. Dear JETAA Book Clubbers, Hajimemashite!  This is Jessica Langbein, co-organizer of JETAANY’s new book club, along with Michael Glazer.  Apologies for being out of touch for so […]

Oct 16

JETAA Book Club

This is for JETAA New York, but it doesn’t mean you can’t read the book and share comments over email just because you’re not in NY. JETAANY BOOK CLUB Join fellow literary-minded JETs in kicking off a book club of our own! Whether you’re a literature otaku or just like to have something to read […]

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