Feb 19

  By Amy Cameron (Fukushima-ken, 1998-2000) for JQ magazine. Amy was one of eight American JET alums selected for the Tohoku Invitational Program sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan Tourism Agency. I will always remember the day back in 1998 that I received my JET ALT assignment. I immediately rushed to […]

Apr 14

Report on the Invitation Programme for JET Alumni to Disaster Stricken Areas in Tohoku

Below is the text of the report on the Invitation Program for JET Alumni to Disaster Stricken Areas in Tohoku (aka Return to Tohoku) where MOFA assesses the results and impact of the program. A very interesting read! Twenty JET alumni who had previously worked in Tohoku were selected from a pool of over 60 […]

Sep 25

YUKI’S RIDE HOME An Interview with Children’s Book Author & Illustrator Manya Tessler (Wakayama-ken, 1998-2000) By Tamaris Rivera (From the Spring 2008 “Party” Issue) It’s a late night in Astoria, and Manya, her husband Roumen and I chill in Manya’s living room, alternately chasing her rabbit, Dessy, and her cat, Petunia, for mandatory adoration. On […]

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