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JET Prefecture Round-up 03.16.11

Emily Lemmon, Shiso-shi ALT  2009 to present, and editor of Hyogo Times, gives a little taste of what JETs are doing around Japan.


Man up for Japan – a campaign launched across prefectures not affected by the earthquake and tsunami damage. Every JET is encouraged to donate ichi-man (100,000) yen on payday, or before if possible, either via bank transfer or at a post office or Family Mart. So far, 2,303 JETs are planning to participate. See the facebook event page for more information.

Aomori – Aomori JETs, led by Travis Emery, are compiling and delivering supplies to some affected regions, including Minami Sanriku. There are many drop-off locations, including people’s homes in Morioka and Hiroskai, and a school in Oga.



Shikoku Region
Kochi Yusuhara Fijian/Indian Cooking Day, April 3rd (10am – 2pm). Parents of CIR Kavita will give cooking lessons and demonstrations. Recipes to be distributed in English and Japanese. (Flyer) Cost is free, all donations go to Tohoku Earthquake relief efforts.

Kochi – Windbeat Concert, March 26th, ticket proceeds and CD sale money will be donated to aid earthquake affected region. More information here.

Tokushima Annual Tokushima AJET Touch Rugby Tournament, to be held the 28th and 29th of May in a beautiful camping ground in Tokushima Prefecture.



Block 6 and 7 V-Day Party in Osaka raised 14,000yen, originally for other causes, but now being donated to provide rice in the earthquake affected region.


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