Feb 15

Job: Sales/Corporate Sales – DISCO International (New York, NY, USA)

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Position: Sales/Corporate Sales
Posted by:
DISCO International
Location: New York, NY, USA (midtown)
Contract: Full-Time; Hybrid

Thanks to JET alumna, Stefanie Bravo (Tokyo-to, 2017-2022) for passing along the job opening with her company:

Japanese Ability: At the very least N3, but N2+ is highly preferred Job

Description Overview: 

  • Finding prospective companies seeking recruiting services
  • Maintaining and improving client relationship
  • Introducing DISCO International’s services
  • Research and marketing for sales
  • Planning new services
  • Participating in the operation of the Career Forums and Agent Services

Application Process: For more infromation please click here: https://careerforum.net/en/event/cfn/companylist/3652/22750. If you have questions, please email Stefanie at: s.bravo@discointer.com

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